What is Cash Flow Lending? - Know your Options

Cash Flow Lending

Cash flow has an effect on almost all businesses at some point. It is the number one reason why businesses fail; even highly successful, profitable businesses. It doesn’t matter how much profit a business can turn if it can’t pay the bills on time.

Whether your business receives payment upfront for a product or service it may not deliver for months or you deliver a product or service and then submit an invoice with 60-day payment terms, cash flow problems can hit you.    

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Surviving Cash Flow Squeeze

A regular cash flow planning session will help identify times when there may be a shortfall between payment coming in and going out but it doesn’t make your business immune, unfortunately. We understand only too well that unforeseen things happen in business. For those times, cash flow lending is an ideal stop-gap measure. It allows businesses access to funds quickly and easily.  

There are many reasons why businesses need access to cash flow lending:

  • Unexpected costs such as equipment breakdown
  • New business opportunity arises
  • Seasonal expenses
  • Debtors paying slower than expected
  • Rapid growth

The Process

If you have identified an immediate or future cash flow shortage, we can help. We follow a process to ensure you receive the best advice on products available.  

  1. Let us know how much you need and for how long
  2. If we don’t already know your business well, we will ask you some questions
  3. We will work out the best option/s for your business  
  4. Our network of financiers will be contacted to find the best deal for you
  5. We will organise the paperwork and funds to be sent to you.

Finance Options

Once your experienced broker understands your business and cash flow requirements, they can advise you of the best finance option including:


An overdraft can give businesses the peace of mind that they have immediate access to funds when they need it.   

Business Loans

We can help find the right business loan to ensure cash flow isn’t a problem in the short and long term.  

Insurance Premium Funding

Insurance is a big expense for most businesses. Insurance premium funding allows businesses to spread the cost of insurance premiums over the year with multiple repayments rather than making one big lump sum payment to free up cash flow.  

Debtor Funding

A business may find itself in a position where unexpected expenses have come up. Funds are due to come in from debtors but those funds are needed now. A financier pays the invoices immediately and cuts out the lag waiting for debtors to pay.       

Invoice Funding

A financier advances most of the invoiced amount to a business immediately less a discount for a commission.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients by getting to know their business and cash flow requirements. We pride ourselves on working with clients to help them make the most of the good and not so good times. For more information see Cash Flow Lending or contact us if you would like to discuss your cash flow requirements.

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