What is a Dolly Trailer?

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A dolly is an unpowered trailer which can be attached to trucks, tractors and road trains. The dollies themselves don’t carry a load but are used to support a semi-trailer or similar haulage unit. The main types of dollies are Converter and Low-Loader.

Converter dollies are commonly used in road trains as part of a combination. It has a drawbar for its forward connection and pivots vertically. It allows multiple trailers to be attached forming the roadtrain configuration.

Low-loader dollies are available which use a kingpin, not a drawbar coupling so that heavy cargo doesn’t overload the wheels of the truck.

A dolly can be removed from a road train at an assembly yard once the truck reaches heavily populated areas. A long vehicle yellow and black sign is required on the rear bumper of these over-length vehicles.

Road Authorities

Every state and territory in Australia have a road authority which controls the length, weight and roads over-sized vehicles may use.

Western Australia - Main Roads

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) - Department of Territory and Municipal Services

New South Wales - Transport, Roads and Maritime Services

Northern Territory - Northern Territory Transport Group

Queensland - Transport and Main Roads

South Australia - Transport

Tasmania - Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources

Victoria - VicRoads

A national body oversees the design and use of all new and used, locally manufactured and imported heavy vehicles. The Australian Design Rules is in its third edition and comes under the federal government’s Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

The Heavy Vehicle National Law and regulations were passed and commenced in February 2014 in all states and territories except the Northern Territory and Western Australia. The body regulates vehicles over 4.5 tonnes gross.

Right Truck & Trailer Loan

Finding the right trailer and truck combination and financing them is an important part of the success of every trucking business. The setup of your finance arrangements in the early days can determine how much finance you can access for future upgrades and new truck and trailer purchases. It’s important to use finance brokers who understand the difference between their dolly trailers from their dog trailers. It’s this industry knowledge that allows us to help trucking businesses of all sizes grow to their potential. We can even obtain finance to help keep you on the road with loans for major repairs and maintenance.

If you are looking to finance a new or second-hand dolly, talk to an expert in truck & trailer financing at PTR Finance Group by calling (08) 9322 1229 or send us an enquiry.

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