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Domestic freight is estimated to increase by 26% over the next decade according to research conducted by the National Transport Commission (NTC).

The paper Who Moves What Where: Better Informing Transport Planning for Australians January 2017 used data from over 150 different sources to provide the overview of what kinds of freight and passenger movements are likely between now and 2026.

The paper provides information to governments and industry on Australia’s freight and passenger movement to assist with infrastructure, planning and investment, regulatory changes and operational improvements.

The paper reported that road accounted for almost four-fifths of national domestic passenger transport including private vehicles and one-third of all freight movement. Rail accounts for approximately half of the domestic freight market.

Domestic passenger movements are expected to increase by 19% over the next ten years, up by 8% on the previous decade.

In 2003 it was estimated that road freight would double by 2020 however due to the slow-down following the GFC, this prediction has been extended to 2025-28.  

The paper included local data which can be used by state and territory transport authorities to forecast and analyse freight and passenger movements.

The stakeholder workshops recommended future reports include more information on trailer and axle configurations, movement of hazardous goods, fuel efficiency information and the interaction between ‘grey nomads’ and heavy vehicles on roads.

Governments can use the data to prioritise supply chain planning and reforms to ensure Australia’s freight requirements are met in the future. It is thought that the next decade will be a crucial time in the transport sector. Significant growth and technological improvements will have a big impact on the industry.

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) said the report outlined why all levels of government need to prioritise freight in investment and policy decisions.

Role of the National Transport Commission

The National Transport Commission (NTC) is an independent advisory body designed to provide impartial advice and transport reform proposals to the government through the Transport and Infrastructure Council. The Council is made up of Commonwealth, state and territory transport ministers.

The NTC has agreed to repeat the research paper every five years in between Census years. The NTC promotes data sharing between jurisdictions for the benefit of the whole industry. Data will continue to be presented nationally and also state-based due in part to Western Australia’s movement of iron ore by rail and road.

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