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Whether you are just getting on the property ladder with your first home or you have multiple investment properties, PTR Finance Group can help you find the best possible deal the market has to offer. We have helped PAYG employees and self-employed clients obtain finance for residential and commercial property loans.

Benefits of using PTR Property Finance

Structuring your Finances

If you are self-employed or a business owner who may want to grow their business in the future, you need your personal finances structured correctly.

Many new clients have come to us over the years because they haven’t been able to obtain commercial finance elsewhere because of the poor setup of their personal finances. After untangling their personal and business loans, we were able to obtain the finance they needed, but it cost them time and money in bank fees.    

By using PTR Property Finance, you can rest assured that the loan structure we recommend for you, will give you all the flexibility you need in the future on a business and personal level.

We can get Deals Approved

Rather than going direct to a bank and risk having your loan application rejected, use an experienced broker. We’ll structure your application so that it has the best chance of being approved whether you are a first home buyer with a small deposit or your third home with complicated finances.  

Experience in Presenting Self-Employed & Business Owner Applications

Many home loan brokers deal predominantly with PAYG employees, but we all know there are many differences between PAYG and self-employed when it comes to finance approval. When the banks aren’t keen to take any risks, the loan application needs to present potential borrowers in the best possible light. PTR Finance Group has years of experience in preparing the financial situation of business owners.

All your Finances in One Place

If we are looking after your asset finance and you want a better deal on your existing or new home loan, we can organise it with little of your time required. We already have much of the information we need on file. Simply give us an update and details of your home loan and then we can start looking for the best home loan deal.        

Best Deals in the Market

PTR Finance Group has access to more than 30 property lenders and thousands of loan products. We know which lenders are offering the best specials week to week and the new loan types as they are introduced to the market. We can also negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible interest rate on a loan that matches your requirements. If you are looking for pre-approval, we can help you with that too.

Property Finance Specialist

PTR Finance Group employs specialists in all types of finance including the Property Finance Group. PTR Property Finance is managed by Abe Tuckett who has strong experience in residential and commercial lending. Abe offers innovative solutions to any problems that might occur with clients’ property finance deals. Abe provides high quality service and care to all his clients. Put Abe to the test to see if he can’t offer you a better deal on your home loan by calling (08) 9322 1229 or request a consultation.

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