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Restricted Access Vehicles (RAV) are heavier than general vehicles and must be driven on an approved network of roads according to certain conditions to ensure the safety of the motoring public. All other vehicles not classified as RAV are general access vehicles and can operate state-wide on any road unless restricted by signage.

The Main Roads’ Heavy Vehicles Services (HVS) section manages the safe, efficient and sustainable access to WA's road network. The section supplies permits, notices and updates for heavy vehicle operators. 

What is a RAV?

A RAV is a vehicle alone or with a load that exceeds one or more of the following dimension limits:

  •  a width of 2.5 metres
  • a height of 4.3 metres
  • a length of 12.5 metres if the motor vehicle is not part of a combination
  •  a length of 19 metres in the case of a combination

Mass limit prescribed in Part 3 of the Road Traffic (Vehicle) Regulations 2014.

RAV’s are classified into three different classes.

Class 1 RAVs – vehicles that cannot be made smaller or lighter and are built to carry out a specific function i.e. mobile crane or front end loader. They may be carrying a load that cannot be made smaller or lighter for transport i.e. platform trailer carrying a dump truck

Class 2 RAVs or Complying RAVs – vehicle combinations exceeding the 19-metre length limit or 4.3-metre height limit but meet all statutory mass and dimension limits i.e. B-doubles and road trains.

Class 3 RAVs – vehicles that aren’t Class 1 or Class 2 because they carry an oversize load or a higher mass road train.  

The RAV Network Access Strategy was established in conjunction with the Department of Transport and WA Local Government Association. The strategy was developed to set-up and maintain a Strategic Road Freight Network for carrying the bulk of heavy vehicles.

RAV Mapping Tool

Main Roads has developed a RAV mapping tool to identify the RAV networks and help drivers plan their journey.  The RAV tool is dynamic and is updated every Wednesday on the Network Road Tables and RAV Mapping Tool. The tool uses a Google interface to allow users to access network information about conditions to assist with journey planning. Users can also measure distances along roads and see the locations of road train assembly areas, truck bays, parking bays and roadhouses. The boundaries of regional and local government areas are also shown.

If you would like more information about the RAV Mapping Tool, see the How to Guide on the Main Roads website.  

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