How to Expand from Self Employed to Business Owner

Asset Finance

Many self-employed people want to make the shift to small business owner but are nervous because they don’t have sufficient capital or resources to make the leap. Some will use their family’s finances to gain the capital they need for the expanded business but for many, this isn’t possible. A truck driver, for example, wanting to put on a staff member and purchase another truck is going to need outside capital to achieve his expansion dreams. New premises, even the everyday working expenses may need financing.

Finance for Assets

Small businesses are not always successful in achieving a business loan due to a lack of collateral and a proven credit history.

New premises

As a self-employed person it may be fine to run your business from home, but once staff come on board, you may need a commercial premises to house employees and meet with clients. PTR Property Finance is experienced in gaining the best deal and providing advice for clients wanting to buy or fit-out their first commercial premises. PTR Finance specialises in assisting self-employed and business owners structure their personal and commercial finances to help achieve their goals.


The PTR Asset Finance division handles the purchase of clients’ large vehicles including trucks, trailers, haulers, road trains, prime movers, refrigerated trailers, tankers and light trucks.    

PTR Finance helps sole traders and business owners add to their fleet of vehicles and replace existing assets that are at the end of their life. PTR Finance staff also think ahead to the future to ensure clients have the option of borrowing to their full potential if they want to continue expanding the business.   

It’s not just the initial asset purchase that PTR Asset Finance can assist. We understand that major repairs and service often can’t be covered by the cash on hand so we can find the best possible deal to suit your circumstances, whatever may come up in the future.

Finance for Cash Flow

There are just as many businesses that don’t need finance for a big asset purchase but need financial assistance for the everyday expenses a business incurs. The PTR Cash Flow Lending division assists clients in securing overdrafts, business loans, insurance premium funding, debtor funding and factoring.

If you are adding staff for the first time and want to make sure you can cover the expense of paying salaries and superannuation, talk to PTR Finance about the best type of finance for you. For some businesses it will be an overdraft and for others we may recommend a loan or sell of invoices, or debtors.

Personal Advice

PTR Finance has helped companies across most industries. It’s our years of experience dealing with business owners that has given us the expertise to know what works and what doesn’t. In these times of tight lending practices, small business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to gain the necessary finance from a bank.  PTR Finance has been successful in gaining finance when a loan application from an owner has been rejected by the bank. We have secured finance by employing one of the following:

  • advising the client to change the way their finances are set up
  • applying for a different type of loan
  • using our relationships and applying to a different institution      

PTR Finance Group employs specialists in all areas of finance. PTR Property Finance is managed by Abe Tuckett who has strong experience in residential and commercial lending. Our Asset and Cashflow lending divisions contain a number of experienced staff offering high quality service and care to our clients. For more information about making your expansion plans a reality, call (08) 9322 1229 or request a consultation.

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