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For many businesses their electricity bill is one of the largest expenses they need to cover. There is little chance of reducing your reliance on electricity so the only option to cut the cost is to install a solar system. More than one million homes and businesses have installed a solar system in the past 10 years. The high take-up rate has seen the cost of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems decrease. Due to their popularity and our experience in the industry, PTR has a dedicated Energy Division to handle commercial, farming and industrial solar energy panel financing.

Benefits of Going Solar

The main reasons why businesses install solar systems:

  • Offset electricity consumption costs
  • Hedge against future electricity price rises
  • Reduce the carbon footprint with clean, safe energy for the business

Finance Options

The upfront cost of a solar PV system can be cost prohibitive for most businesses. Systems can range in price from a few thousand to $200,000 for a bank of panels. While you will save on your electricity bills within months of installation, it usually takes between five and ten years for a business to recoup its investment.

Even if a business does have the cash to pay for a solar system up-front, they may be buying themselves long-term cashflow problems that could have been avoided by financing the unit.

PTR’s Energy Division has access to custom finance solutions to suit whatever size solar PV system you decide on. Simply give us the details of the unit you are looking to buy and we will do the legwork to make sure the loan is the most suitable. If you are interested, we can give you loan versus leasing options to see what suits you best.  

Reputable Retailers

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) has developed a Code of Conduct for Solar PV Retailers. The Council has an approved retailer logo which PV retailers can use to advise prospective clients of their commitment to delivering high-quality systems with a five-year whole-of-system warranty.

Choose an approved retailer who will visit your business to discuss load analysis and design of an appropriate system. Your chosen retailer should design a PV system based on your budget, how much electricity you want to offset and the physical properties of your premises.

To find a CEC-approved solar PV retailer, visit approved solar retailers.

What if we don’t own the building?

Some businesses would like to do their part for the environment and install a solar PV system to reduce their carbon footprint. But if they don’t own the building or have a 99-year lease, installing solar panels isn’t an option for you. Perhaps approach the building’s owner and asking if they would be willing to install a unit. There are alternatives to installing a solar system by sourcing part of your power from renewable sources. Find out more about Green power options at

If you have any queries about installing and financing a commercial solar energy system, talk to the friendly team at PTR Finance by calling (08) 9322 1229 or request a consultation.

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